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Communications, APIs, Consultancies, and Data Analysis


Create your own Messenger chatbot with an easy-to-use chatbot-building platform – then quickly deploy it. Cut customer service costs, boost customer satisfaction, and increase your revenue.


List of well-designed APIs for developers in many different aspects.

Tools & Techniques

Finding the optimal solution to the linear programming problem by the simplex method. Using Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT). Using Hungarian algorithm to reduce the cost of the assignment. Using Game theory to conceive social situations among competing players.

Business Model Builder

Our consultants will help you to develop your business model regardless of the type and complexity. By answering a few questions, you can get it in.

Why Choose Us


Our team comprises a diverse and talented team of subject matter experts equipped with huge data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.


We are capable of performing any task or job effectively, this by offering a description of the standards of excellence for current roles and potential future roles.


You are not alone, we are next door, you can reach us any time. This would be via many means such as email, Telegram, Direct Calls….

Always there are alternatives

Your needs could be not available, but we can always offer you many alternatives, this if and only if we cannot fulfill

About Our Company

The start was in 2020 while the world was in fight with COVID-19, most of services moved to be served online. Life always finds a way to proceed, education became completely online, communications was the pass key of passing towards the future. Our beliefs as a part of this world are to contribute and help in such situation, therefore we launched number of products and services that would be aligned with the status quo.

Client Testimonials

“Chat-Bot was easy for us to use from the very start. Within two weeks, we had analytics functioning, our social media accounts synchronized, Salesforce integrated, and landing pages live. With our previous system, we were eight months in, and had only sent two emails out. Because Chat-Bot is easy to use and intuitive, we're able to complete our marketing tasks easily.”
“Thanks for the most recent order...just in time. Y'all are awesome! I'll be using this app on all of my stores and the stores I build for my students. Y'all are literally the best thing I have found for automating my sales. I didn't even know where to start as far as advertising goes or how to reach people. Chat-Bot really made this part so easy and effective, thank you! ”
“In the last six months we have seen our organizational profitability increase significantly thanks in large part to the change in practices around resource management and global resourcing of our projects. The biggest reason we engaged needsarea Consulting was their knowledge and their expertise in designing and building a project management office.”

Build your own Chat-Bot on Telegram

Integrate it with your business and improve your customer satisfaction, enhance user engagement, keeping up with the trends, target a wider audience, allow sending of relevant push notifications, and prepare for work automation.